Join Faris Al Muhtawa for the ultimate content creation experience, learning everything you need to know from the ground up.

Lowi Sahi

Between content creators from around the world and myself, we’re going to help you tell stories the world should hear. We will hang out, share knowledge and grow together to enable you to create content from concept to creation. With all my experience rolled into one, I’m going to pave a clear path for you to succeed.

Program Overview

The program focuses on educating 50 aspiring content creators in the UAE by equipping them with all the knowledge, know-how and tools needed for them to become full-time content creators among a global collective. At the end of the 20-weeks course, having mastered the art of script writing, filming, editing and photography through learning, leading and mentorship, 10+ of them will be handpicked to join New Media Academy’s exclusive content creators pool. During their 3-year incubation period, they will amplify their strategic thinking, content ideation, growth hacking, collaborations, paid media, PR and more.

Creators & Instructors

More than 10 of the top content creators from around the world, along with key leaders from platforms such as Instagram, TikTok and Snapchat will give you a 360° view and insights about the industry.

Content Creators Will...

Program Schedule

Starting Date

May 17, 2021


20 Weeks


2 Sessions per week


2 Hours per session in a virtual classroom


Free of Charge



Interested to Join?

Reach out to our team to enroll in the Faris Al Muhtawa program.

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