Who Are we

The New Media Academy is an academic institution that is designed, delivered, and validated by top global digital practitioners. 

Our goal

The New Media Academy has a mission to provide a broad range of career-oriented educational programs with the aim of producing innovative, creative graduates who are well-prepared for the rapidly growing field of Digital Marketing.

our programs

Open learning

The New Media Academy introduces the principle of “Open Learning” A unique applied learning concept  of blended learning that combines theoretical study with practical application on the ground. Students will be creating, posting and analyzing content in real-time after each course, under supervision of instructors

who is this for

Those who are interested in media and digital content, whether they work exclusively in this field and earn their livelihood from it, or media officials in government agencies or private institutions who manage digital media platforms.

Students will gain skills and knowledge related to social media communication strategies, as well as methods and techniques to integrate with general digital marketing efforts toward maximum online campaign impact. The curriculum is designed to foster the development of both hard and soft skills that students will need to have a successful career in Digital Marketing.

strategic Priorities

Talent Development

One of the key challenges currently facing the marketing industry is ensuring skills relevancy in the fast-changing environment. The most skills with the highest outcomes impact are Project Management and Communications Planning & Strategy, Audience/User Experience, Email Marketing, and Data Analysis & Reporting.

Capacity Building

Current global crisis caused by Covid-19 is accelerating the pace at which consumers move online, companies are spending billions of dollars on digital advertising, and many of them need digital marketing experts to help them navigate the unique demands of marketing and advertising online. Should the job growth change to be accurate, there could be as many as 150,000+ new jobs in Digital Creator Marketing by the year 2024 worldwide.

Future Readiness

If you are looking to choose where to make the investment in time and money for urgent training of large numbers, consider the following: Direct/Digital skills, Data skills, Management skills and Strategy/planning. Ad hoc methods such as massive open online courses (MOOCs), boot camps, and specialized blended learning academies have attracted rising public interest and can sharply reduce the time needed to acquire some skills that previously required classic, degree-oriented programs. Part-time education programs or nondegree certificate courses also allow for broader access than classic fulltime programs, especially for the education of adults.

learning methods

The student journey is designed to provide an intensive learning experience, professional certification, mentorship, eLearning, and on-demand online learning, as well as the opportunity to immediately apply newly acquired skills.


Each student who completes the Impact Digital Creator Program will be issued a UAE recognized certificate of completion.

The certified program is designed to be a career-focused terminal degree. Upon completion of the program, students will receive an industry-recognized, globally respected qualification.

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