Tell the untold stories that matter the most with me

Mina Al Sheikhly

I’m going to help you build the stories that people want to hear – from concept to delivery, in every format, for every channel. I’m going to share my journey with you, to help you road map your own.

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Award-winning digital content is where you want to be. From words to photography and videos, we will help you bring stories and brands to life across all channels at the right time for the right audience.


What exactly is the digital content industry?

It’s a creative space where content cuts through the noise to help build long-lasting relationships.

Why do I need to create my own digital content?

Content shouldn’t simply exist for the sake of it – it has to connect to a bigger rhyme and reason. And when it does, the yield comes naturally in a band of followers across brands, fans and customers. Arresting content has the ability to not only drive meaningful conversations and relationships but also advance commercial goals.

What are the content-making skills I’m going to become a pro at with Mina Al Sheikhly?

Personal Branding
Content Strategy
Content Distribution
Social Media Channel Strategy
Mobile Photography
Photography Techniques
Food Photography
Product Photography
Fashion Photography
Beauty Photography
Photography Lighting
Business Development
Fan Engagement

A bit about Mina Al Sheikhly

Mina Al Sheikhly is a pre-eminent Iraqi content creator. Through a collective of high-quality content across all categories, including interior design, beauty and positivity, she has delivered distinctive content based on specific audience needs which has inspired action among her several million strong followers. Mina is leading the charge on dismantling Arab stereotypes and fine-tuning the narrative of the region.

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Program Details

JUNE 1, 2021
4 weeks, 2 sessions per week
1.5 hours per session in a virtual classroom
Arabic with English subtitles


Week 1 – Finding Your Voice

Learn how to develop your online strategy.
Understand your personality and how to translate that to an online identity.
Develop a content strategy and understand the hero, hub, and hygiene content you need to create.
Understand the channels you will exist on and how and when to publish.

Week 2 – Mobile Photography Mastery

Master your smartphone camera and get the best photos possible out of it in each of these categories:
Food photography
Product photography
Fashion photography
Beauty photography

Week 3 – Editing Your Work and Engaging With Your Audience

Edit your photos and videos to bring out its potential. Discover what tools to use and how to use them to highlight the best possible features you want to focus on.
Learn how to best engage and collaborate with your audience to help you grow your community and online presence.

Week 4 – Understanding Your Work and Finding Your First Client

Develop your sales skills and toolkit to help you get your first client.
Create a sales kit that you will use to reach out to get new clients.
Build a portfolio that will showcase your ability and skills.
Promote yourself to get the attention of potential clients.
Price your work and develop a rate card.
Build an arsenal of replies and common negotiation techniques.

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Be the game-changer digital content creator you know you can be.
This course will allow you to redefine the way we consume stories with authentic,
resonant and inspiring content for new and existing audiences, driving engagement and converting consumers.


What’s in it for me?

Some of the many things you’ll master…

Identify your tone of voice and create a clear character online
How to take better lifestyle photography (food, fashion, product, beauty)
Make better use of your phone camera
Identifying light and using it to your advantage
Make better use of your phone camera
How to build your portfolio and approach your first client

What is the purpose of the course?

Your audience wants substantive stories. We will teach you how to take your content game to next-level expertise.

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